Say Goodbye to Another Familiar Face?

5 Mar

The Eraserhood is on the verge of losing another building. HiddenCity Philadelphia The Church of Assumption on Spring Garden and 12th is scheduled for demolition. Embroiled in a battle to keep the integrity of the neighborhood, community leaders are fighting the owner to keep the building.

According to a recent Newsworks article “Siloam representatives previously argued that the building was structurally unsound and just too expensive to repurpose…’Mr. Wei bought the building knowing full well that it was pending appeal. He bought it knowing that there [were] issues with the property,” Stretton said. “So he himself has no hardship.’
The matter now goes back to another city board, Licenses & Inspections, for a final decision. Even though Stretton is still litigating in the courts, demolition could still go ahead with the review board’s OK.”

Christopher Mote and HiddenCity Philadelphia had an update on the appeal to keep Church of the Assumption standing, reports that nothing has been fully resolved, though the building is still in real danger (read  the full updated report here).

One Response to “Say Goodbye to Another Familiar Face?”

  1. bruhinb March 5, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    The good news? This isn’t certain yet!

    As of 2/25:
    “The Board of L&I Review has continued its stay of the demolition permit to demolish the historic Church of the Assumption. The BLIR issued the stay of demolition when neighbors filed an appeal of the permit late last year. So, as of Friday afternoon, legal roadblocks remain in place between the wrecking ball and the church.”

    Of course, that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet!!

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